About Us

About Us

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Established in 1980, Veco Paper Corporation today is one of the leading manufacturers of paper products in the Philippines. We are committed to provide our customers, whether wholesale or retail, with value-added paper products.



Nestled in the midst of an industrial area in Muntinlupa City, lies the production facility of Veco Paper Corporation. Over the span of many years, this facility has seen the improvement of the surrounding area, from industrial area to the recent high-rise condominium developments. This facility has also helped improve the lives of countless people living in and around the area, due to various sponsorships of city events and the employment opportunities given.


Located in a 1.5 hectare property, the production facility of Veco Paper Corporation has the most modern printing and converting equipments in the country. Having a yearly budget allocation for machinery and process upgrades, we are distinct from many of our competitors because we are committed to doing our part to improve the Philippine nation by building a strong, viable and efficient manufacturing base in the country that should be competitive internationally. In the past few years alone, we have acquired the latest in printing, digital pre-press, color management and book binding technology to assist us in meeting customer demand on time.


Veco Paper’s products are distributed by an extensive network of dealers nationwide. It is available in all major bookstores and department stores. We are currently the main supplier of many of the biggest companies, embassies, law firms and retail stores in the country. We maintain warehouses and distribution outlets in Pasay City and the historic Nueva Street (now renamed Yuchengco Street), known for being the stationery district in the Manila area. These have given our customers easy access to our products.


Since the year 2000, we have been the distributor of Paper One brand of copy papers, now the number one brand in the Philippines. At the beginning, it was virtually unheard of, in the domestic market, to bring in rotary cut copy paper at a premium price due to the proliferation of cheap econo copy papers in the market. Having played a huge part in the initial marketing drive, we were the pioneer in helping shift the mindset of the people in terms of understanding the value, in terms of savings, that having quality rotary cut copy paper would bring to them. It’s a sign of how good a job we’ve accomplished, that our competitors benchmark their performance based on our achievements.


Recognizing the emergence of new technology enabling high-quality desktop publishing, Veco created the Elit label to brand our specialty paper and boards in order to empower desktop publishers to create professional quality images on crisp and attractive paper. The Elit label boasts of a successful line of specialty paper, sticker papers and high-quality inkjet photo papers – all at reasonable prices, for making calling cards, menus, marketing peripherals, invitations, etc.


In the coming years, VECO Paper seeks to gain an even bigger share in the paper industry. Through continued product improvement and manufacturing efficiency, we strive to be the paper of choice by consumers. Now, as we enter a highly competitive era, our company thrust is to be more dynamic in two areas: first, by improving our existing product line by total quality management and second, by diversifying our product line to meet increasing customer expectations and standards. We remain dedicated to improving our manufacturing techniques and facilities in order to keep up with the latest production processes. In these fast-paced times, VECO Paper Corporation will be here, ready to innovate and provide our customers with better service and paper products.

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