Established in 1980, VECO Paper Corporation today is one of the leading converter of paper products in the Philippines. We are committed to provide you with value-added paper products.

Located in the city of Muntinlupa, VECO Paper has many modern printing and converting equipments. VECO Paper's products are distributed by an extensive network of dealers nationwide. It is also carried by major bookstores and department stores nationwide. These has given our customers easy access to our products.

In the coming years, VECO Paper seeks to become a major player in the paper industry. Through continued product improvement and manufacturing efficiency, we strive to be the paper of choice by consumers.

Our Mission is to provide quality paper products at affordable prices to the markets that we serve. We can achieve this by providing you, our loyal customers, with good value paper products.

Three Generations of Experience in Paper Product Manufacturing and Trading.

VECO Paper Corporation can trace its roots to the 1900's where a small store owned by Lim Chin Lo sold rubber stamps and stationery products. In the late 1950's, two of Lim Chin Lo's sons started a company that became known as Defiance Enterprises Co. or DECO. DECO specialized mainly in accounting books. During its time, Defiance was the leading brand in columnar notebooks and pads. It took for its company logo the helmet of a knight to signify courage and fighting spirit embodied by a knight. Today, VECO Paper Corporation is the trusted brand when it comes to quality Accounting and Record books.

The 1980's brought a change of ownership as the founding partners decided to amicably part ways. Thus, Lim Chiong San, son of Lim Chin Lo, formed VAECO Paper Corporation. It was during this time that the company decided to relocate its manufacturing department to a much larger facility in Muntinlupa City. Due to the larger facility, the company was able to concentrate on quick and efficient notebook production. This early investment has propelled VECO to be among the leading notebook suppliers in the Philippines today.

After a corporate restructuring from 1994-1998, the name Vaeco Paper Corporation was successfully changed to VECO Paper Corporation.

Recognizing the emergence of new technology enabling high-quality desktop publishing, VECO created the Elit label to empower desktop publishers to create priofessional quality images on crisp and attractive paper. The Elit label boasts of a successful line of specialty paper, sticker papers and high-quality inkjet photo papers - all at reasonable prices. VECO Paper is also currently one of the distributors of Paper One premium office paper.

Through time, we have retained our company logo of a knight astride a horse, pointing his lance outwards. This logo is reminiscent of our Defiance logo of a knight's helmet. We put this logo on our products as a symbol of the continuity of our company culture of excellence and as a stamp of our continued commitment to persevere, and like a knight, rise to meet any challenges that we may encounter. Now, as we enter a highly competitive era, our company thrust is to be more dynamic in two areas: first, by improving our existing product line by total quality management and second, by diversifying our product line to meet increasing customer expectations and standards. We remain dedicated to improving our manufacturing techniques and facilities in order to keep up with the latest production processes. In these fast-paced times, VECO Paper Corporation will be here, ready to innovate and provide our customers with better service and paper products.
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